Startup Education - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Bringing cutting edge education methods to the classroom

We are a ground-breaking developer of innovative pedagogy and designer of some of the most advanced teaching and learning environments in the Israeli education system and exported to the international arena.

The Moshinsky Research and Development Center

A leading center, researcher, planner, developer and designer of technological educational innovation and creative educational responses to the teaching and learning challenges of the present and future educational times.

Financial Education

A curriculum that provides financial literacy to students in Israel Sci-Tech Schools. The program prepares students for their adulthood and independent lives by providing them with tools and resources for making financial decisions.

Thinkin’ English

A curriculum for teaching English as a foreign language in high schools, paired with higher-thinking skills.

Innovative Pedagogy

New methodologies for teaching, learning, and assessing

Digital Citizenship

A program to promote digital citizenship life skills among children and youth, as an empowering and responsible norm of behavior in regards to the use of technology.

Neuroscience Studies

An innovative interdisciplinary curriculum in the scientific and technical front that includes content in biological, technological, medical, philosophical, and ethical aspects.

What a Small World – Nanotechnology

An innovative curriculum that exposes the students to a cutting-edge emerging topic, while introducing them to scientific knowledge and its applications, alongside social and environmental implications.

The Heart of the Matter

A program developed by cooperation with J&J/Biosens-Webster, where the company’s engineers mentor Sci-Tech Schools’ students.

Precisely: Precision Technology and the Environment

A study program centered around precision technology and the way it focuses on providing solutions to problems in various fields, particularly ecology and agriculture.

Autonomous Transportation: Smart Cars

Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, combining aspects of science, modern technology, engineering, artistic design, mathematics and ethics.

Time Management

A curriculum aimed at increasing awareness of the common problems in time planning and management, strategies, and methods of coping.

Practical Philosophy – Every answer has a question

An innovative middle and high school curriculum for acquiring thinking skills through philosophical inquiry workshops.

AVIV Campus

The Aviv campus is the virtual campus of the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network: an environment for teaching core subjects for Bagrut (A levels) and for junior-high schools.

The R&D Incubator for Training Teachers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Teachers promote startup culture in school by nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, through the development of products, systems, and solutions.

Young StartUp Leadership

Israel Sci-Tech School’s Strategic Plan for Scientific Technological Education in support of the State of Israel’s Economic Sustainability.

Academic School

Each pupil is offered an academic prospect and studies, and is introduced to the academic spirit, in a unique track tailored to their abilities and interests.

International Activity

Collaborations with global leading educational bodies in developing innovative pedagogy.