Build the Future of Israel

Key Facts & Figures

  • Largest non-governmental education network in Israel – 100,000 students from diverse cultures in 207 schools and colleges.
  • One in ten Israeli high school students attends our schools.
  • Leaders in science and technology education in Israel: 67% of our students are on technology tracks compared to 37% of all other Israeli students.
  • Our Research, Training and Development Unit in Tel Aviv – largest such unit in the world – has a $10 million annual research and development budget.The Unit develops cutting-edge scientific, technological and pedagogic training and curricular materials for our own and other Israeli schools and international export.
  • Our students outperform the national averages for graduates serving in the IDF. 92% of male graduates and 80% of female graduates serve in the IDF, compared to national averages of 72-percent male and 56-percent female. 
  • We produce the largest number of practical engineers in the country. 35% of all practical engineers and technicians in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) are graduates of Israel Sci-Tech Schools network and 25% of all practical engineers and technicians in the Israeli workforce are graduates as well.
  • We receive the highest ratings (A1 and A2) awarded by the Israel Ministry of Industry and Commerce.