Key Facts & Figures - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools
Schools and colleges
Pupils and students
Pupils in the STEAM tracks
Pupils active in the OrTov activities within the community
Percentage of the graduates of the Israeli education system

Leaders of Technological, Scientific and Idealistic Education that Reinforces Israel’s Social and Economic Power

Leadership, Values and the Community

Israel Sci-Tech Schools’ youth initiate and contribute to their fellow people, to the community, and to the state! We aim for Israel’s future citizens to develop a national identity and a sense of belonging to the Israeli society.

Excellence, Innovation and Initiative

Quality education to all! To maximize the future generation’s strengths and socially and economically advance the diverse sectors of Israeli society


Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in education! To strengthen Israel’s economic sustainability and its status as the Innovation and STARTUP Nation

One out of every ten high-school students in Israel studies in one of the Israel Sci-Tech Network’s schools

252 educational institutes in 57 local authorities throughout the country

100,000 pupils and students of all sectors of the State of Israel study in Israel Sci-Tech Network’s schools and colleges every year

Each year 3,000 students study iSTEAM subjects in the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network

More than 65% of students from the Israel Sci-Tech Network study technological scientific tracks (double the national average)

A researching and developing educational network:
The Moshinsky Center– one of the world’s largest scientific and technological education R&D Centers,
OrTov – one of the few social R&D projects in the world

An education network which develops and operates dozens of ground-breaking and innovative pedagogical plans and initiatives in the fields of science and technology, life skills, advanced environments and methodologies, leadership and the community

An education network which leads the ‘export’ of educational knowledge to the world: the Philippines, Azerbaijan, the European Union countries, and the United States