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The Eye2Israel program in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs places our Jewish and Druze students on the virtual front line of Israeli advocacy, where they act as pro-Israel ambassadors on the web.

They surf the internet to find and counter inflammatory content by challenging misinformation, presenting an Israeli perspective, promoting the existence of the State of Israel and defending against the hatred of the Jewish people.

Eye2Israel is guided by Israel Sci-Tech’s belief that the actions of Israel’s motivated youth are the key to changing world opinion of Israel.

The program trains outstanding students in public relations, public diplomacy, leadership and the media, with the objective of improving Israel’s image, and portraying the reality of life in Israel.

During the year they receive continuous training and are invited to special events, such as lectures and training at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conferences at Tel Aviv University and capture events on site at the Maccabee Games.

The dramatic growth of the Internet has greatly enhanced communication and information access. It has also spawned the growth of virtually delivered virulent anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda which can be found on thousands of websites – and the mass media – throughout the world. 

Our young journalists and photographers use a dedicated website and social networks to share articles, videos and pictures about current events in real time. Their stories provide personal stories documenting life in Israel. They also create online forums and engage in open, frank dialogue on politically sensitive issues like the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, giving serious yet respectful voice to their many perspectives and opinions.

Students participating in the program operate a multi-lingual site, writing in English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and French and even correspond with Syrian youth. 

Believe in Peace

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Yarden Bar-On, an 11th grade student at Israel Sci-Tech Kiryat Motzkin School says, “I learned a lot from communication with teenagers around the world I even made some new friends from different parts of the world and we talk about everyone’s life in their country about the countries we are in and the landscapes it has and send pictures from everyday life.”

Eliran Bern, a 10th grade student at Israel Sci-Tech Gutman School, Netanya says, “An explanatory project gave me my unique way of expressing myself and voicing my opinions, and gave me many tools for life such as tips for writing, speaking and correct information. The project showed me that there are lots of different opinions and different people in the world, and that any challenge can be tackled with the right tools like: listening, presenting an opinion, and finding interest in different areas. Thanks to the project, I went through a big change and today I feel that I am a more inclusive, understanding and educated person.”