International Activity - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Collaborations with global leading educational bodies in developing innovative pedagogy.

The network’s collaborations with educational systems around the world began to form in 2009. International research projects have been launched, and development and implementation programs in collaboration with the European Union, international institutions and governments around the world, have been conducted.

The ORT Israel Network’s Research and Development Center is a prominent partner in world-class international education projects. The center’s staff exports management services, develops and implements learning programs, and trains teaching and management teams from all over the world, who come to the Moshinsky Center to attend professional seminars which are adapted to the needs of the various countries.

There are three aspects to the international activity:

  • International collaboration with innovative educational systems and schools around the world, arranging meetings to introduce staff to innovative fields and trends.
  • Collaboration in international research, development and implementation projects, which also serve as the basis for developing new learning programs in Israel.
  • Exporting education services, and educational and pedagogical development services created by the network to educational systems around the world.
  • Over the last few years, the network has initiated and led proposals for various projects in the European Union, including collaborations with various European bodies and unique responses to requests for proposals in the European Union:

HORIZON 2020: a program run by requests for proposals in various fields with which the European Union’s educational policy leaders are concerned. This program promotes consortiums that industrial companies, research institutes, universities, service providers and others share, in order to realize large-scale visionary educational projects.

OSOS- Open schooling for open society: as part of the submissions to the European Union, ORT has been given the privilege to become a partner in a large-scale project named OSOS, whose aim is to make schools the center of the community, as promoters of the expansion of scientific-technological knowledge.

Exporting the iSTEAM program to education systems around the world: the web-based center for research and development leads professional training for managerial, teaching and education teams from all over the world, on iSTEAM topics. The seminars and workshops present innovative pedagogies for teaching science and technology; offer occupational training on technological issues, teach integration of digital tools into educational and pedagogical processes, etc. Among the groups that came to ORT Israel to study are principals and teachers from the City of Davao in the Philippines, delegations of principals and teachers from Azerbaijan, delegations of principals and teachers from China, delegations of principals from Portugal, etc.

Partnership and membership in the European Union’s associations for the promotion of education: ORT Israel is a member and partner in the extensive activity of ETF and EVBB. The partnership includes the presentation of workshops in conferences, writing policy papers, and establishing lobby groups to promote technological, scientific and professional education.

Nan-O-Style- link: as part of the submission to the Austrian government, the ORT Network has been given the privilege of becoming a partner in a leading research project on nanotechnology. The project, which is led by the University of Salzburg, deals with materials’ engineering and nanotechnology in the lives of adolescents, and aims at understanding the various perspectives of different types of high-school pupils, and to develop communication that would be appropriate to them on these issues. This project is one of many international nanotechnology projects in which ORT was a partner.

Collaboration with the Ofri Center, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the visits of delegations from all over the world, which arrive in Israel to examine future strategic collaboration with the ORT network. These visits include tours of the network’s Research and Development Center and of the network’s schools. This activity aims at introducing the network’s extensive pedagogical and educational activities, as a basis for future collaborations in the field of education.

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