Executive Director - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools
Dar Nadler

Dar Nadler is the Executive Director of Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools. Previously, Ms. Nadler was the Jewish National Fund’s Israel Emissary in New England and the Capital District of NY. While in Israel, she was the CEO of Blue White Future, a prominent Israeli political NGO, established and led by the former head of the Shin Bet. She also served as a senior advisor at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, during Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s tenure.

Ms. Nadler was born and raised in Kibbutz Barkai; its founders included her grandparents who made Aliyah from South-Africa in early 1950’s. Her other grandparents are Holocaust survivors who came to build the State of Israel in 1947 and have lived in the city of Ramle ever since. Ms. Nadler served in the IDF and graduated from Tel Aviv University with a master’s degree in public policy and conflict resolution. She has dedicated her career to the State of Israel and its future.