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A study program centered around precision technology and the way it focuses on providing solutions to problems in various fields, particularly ecology and agriculture

Bediyuk: Precision Technology and the Environment is a new study program developed by the Israel Sci-Tech School’s Network’s Research and Development Center. The program around precision technology and the way it focuses on providing solutions to problems in various fields, particularly ecology and agriculture. These solutions are becoming more and more relevant due to the increase in environmental changes such as climatic changes, the reduction of agricultural areas, the significant increase in the global population and the growing demand for food, etc.

Modern agriculture involves working with advanced photographic equipment (such as drones and satellites), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for advanced layered mapping, data collection using field sensors, etc. The students in this program will acquire knowledge in collecting, organizing, and processing data, in order to arrive at operational conclusions in the environment and the vegetation field. These conclusions allow the farmer to change the parameters of the vegetation treatment by applying precise amounts of pesticides, fertilization, and irrigation. The program provides opportunities for creating scientific and technological projects in this subject.

The program combines scientific and technological studies with practical experimentation while taking into consideration the moral and ethical aspects. Classroom sessions integrate frontal instruction with individual or group activities and are based on presentations, online components from the website, and the use of the students’ smartphones. Special attention is paid to project-based work and to providing opportunities to carry out a project in PBL format. Along with the class sessions, students will apply some of the taught principles in fieldwork.

The program will enable students to maximize their abilities in a field that combines advanced scientific and technological knowledge with social and moral activity for the benefit of humanity and of the environment.

The program’s scope is 120 hours. It is intended for high-schools but can be adapted in a reduced format to additional types of schools. It is suitable for learning as an extra curriculum subject as part of the iSTEAM program.

The program is dedicated to the memory of the agronomist Naftali Bronitsky (Beckenrot), who bravely acted to save Jews during the Holocaust.

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