AVIV Campus - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

The Aviv campus is the virtual campus of the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network: an environment for teaching core subjects for Bagrut (A levels) and for junior-high schools.

The Aviv Campus is a virtual learning platform of the core subjects for A levels that also contains learning material for junior-high schools, and material in science and technology, life skills, etc. Each of the virtual learning environments provides exercises, class activities, short videos, quizzes to summarize each chapter, and questions simulating the A levels/evaluation exams with an answers’ key.

The campus provides a Moodle platform-based learning management system that offers all the advantages of a computer-based learning environment, combined with both the quality contents developed in ORT and the network’s teachers’ ability to share resources. The campus is a unifying platform that enables teachers to manage their class’s teaching contents. The teacher can choose to either use the quality contents from the Aviv and Sci-Tech courses, or to create an individual environment, to which the teacher can add contents from existing courses, upload their contents, and use material developed by other teachers. The teacher can also provide the students with learning material to prepare for the A levels, using summaries and exams simulating the A levels in various subjects. In addition to using the computer-based system for learning at home or in computer labs, the campus has a unique operational model which enables using it in a class: the teacher uses a projector and the students use their own mobile phones. That way, every standard class becomes a computer class.

An additional advantage of the system is the ability to continuously track the students’ learning progress. Thus, the teacher can receive a detailed report of students’ completion-stage of assignments and self-practice tasks. Such learning tracking, along with the ability to assign students with different personalized assignments, enables the teacher to teach deferentially, having the possibility to offer more assistance to weaker students, while simultaneously challenging strong students.

The campus’s team trains teaching staff in various disciplines to use the system and to develop online assignments for their students.

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