Time Management - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

A curriculum aimed at increasing awareness of the common problems in time planning and management, strategies, and methods of coping

‘It’s just a matter of time’ is a learning program developed at the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network’s Research and Development Center to raise awareness of the difficulties in the planning and managing time in everyday life that are so common among pupils, students and the general public. To overcome these challenges, the program provides methods and tips. It deals with three main topics:

  • All about time: the introduction of daily circumstances in our lives that require time planning, and the recognition of the importance of time planning in life management.
  • Me and my time: building a personal profile of the pupils’ time management and planning. What is procrastination? How do you avoid it and does it also have advantages?
  • Time management tools: various tools suitable for time management, some of which rely on human aspects, others are technological tools, and the rest are self-management tools that teach how to accept assistance in order to be successful.

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