A full education is one that equips our students with vocational skills as developing them into caring, involved citizens who value tolerant, human dignity and peace for all.

Our social values, volunteering and leadership program, OR-TOV (‘a light for the good’), engages thousands of students and teachers who contribute in many ways to thousands in their own schools and their local community.

Social issues at the top of Israel’s public agenda are the driving force behind us: social responsibility, contributing to the community, living together, strengthening inter-generational ties, raising environmental awareness and sustainability and more.

In fact, even our science and technology subjects are “high-tech with heart”, inventions that improve human quality of life.

Connected Generations

Our young tutors teach Holocaust survivors to use the Internet and write their own stories.


Teenage students visit children and adolescents in hospitals to tutor and occupy them.


In partnership with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, our 500 dedicated young reporters reach thousands worldwide in order to provide a positive image of Israel and address misinformation.

Roots of Israel – Jewish Heritage Education

Thousands of Jewish students learn about the “Jewish Bookshelf” and their rich culture and history.

Morashot – Arab Heritage Education

Muslim and Druze students learn to value their culture and heritage.

Green Projects

Student volunteers build school and community gardens, often working with the aged, children and other community members to beautify their environment. They also teach their peers and communities about energy efficiency and protecting the environment.