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Israel Sci-Tech Young Engineers Are Full i-STEAM Ahead!

Unique program puts innovation and arts into STEM education
What is the i-STEAM Education Model?   

Did you know that Young Engineers are very important to Israel?

  • Israel ranks second globally in the amount of its GDP spent on scientific and technological inquiry.
  • Israel’s science and technology development has been so successful due to the large number of engineers and scientists, far higher per capita than the USA and Japan.
  • Israel is a major contributor – locally and internationally – to developments in aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, computer engineering, hydraulic engineering and military engineering.

Israel’s well-known reputation as the Start-up Nation relies on a steady stream of smart, creative high school graduates ready to tackle the kinds of jobs that will be around in the future. Yet there is a shortage of engineers in Israel.

In short, we need geeks!
We need kids who are immersed in taking initiative, out-the-box thinking and sci-tech savvy, kids who work well independently and in teams, bouncing around their ideas and breaking new ground.

We have taken the leap from STEM education and developed a unique curriculum and educational model called i-STEAM, which stands for Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

This model brings together all those disciplines for a 21st century skill set determined by the OECD’s PISA, Program for International Student Assessment.

The unique features of our i-STEAM model have earned us the European Training Foundation’s Good Practice Award in the area of youth entrepreneurship.

How is i-STEAM different?
Students develop developing both collaborative skills and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), and learn to make professional presentations. This is how they learn marketing and pitching skills, dealing with constructive feedback from their peers and entrepreneurship.

Students work both in and outside the classroom, doing projects and learning at partnering companies and corporations.

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