Sci-Tech Colleges and Vocational Training - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

The largest and leading network of colleges in Israel for practical engineering studies and technological preparatory courses.

Sci-Tech Colleges

The Network hosts 8 colleges of practical engineering and certificate studies and 30 colleges for technological reserve studies (grades 13-14). The Network offers certificate studies and an academic horizon track, which allows practical engineers to complete an academic degree. The Network trains thousands of students in technological, scientific and design fields and provides a solution to a wide range of underserved and disadvantaged populations in Israeli society in a variety of study and certification tracks. Sci-Tech Colleges work to design a curriculum tailored to the needs of industry, in collaboration with government ministries, the IDF, high-tech industries and other leading industries.

Sci-Tech Colleges open up opportunities for graduates to integrate as skilled workers in the labor market with a valuable certificate in the profession in which they have chosen to specialize. Colleges are committed to providing personal attention and an attentive ear to the needs of students. The lecturers are first-rate in their field, with teaching experience, and relevant activity in the labor market. The colleges are equipped with advanced laboratories, state-of-the-art libraries, cafeterias, and offer programs that support student success.

Technological Reserve

The technological reserve offers high school students an opportunity to pursue a program of study in the fields of technology that will provide a technician or practical degree in the chosen field. During service in the IDF, graduates of the 13th + 14th grades of the Technology Reserve will be integrated into the professional field they acquired as part of their studies in the IDF’s technology units.

The technological reserve is a study framework that the IDF and the Ministry of Education make available to 12th grade graduates. In this context, the reservists postpone their IDF enlistment, studying for a degree in technician (thirteenth), practical engineer (thirteenth + fourteenth) training. Upon completion of their studies, the graduates are entitled to a technician/practical training certificate from the Ministry of Education in their chosen field of study.

Programs include:

  • The Shocharot /Technological Reserve project is intended for students, 12th grade graduates who have studied technological majors in high school in majors such as: electronics, software, machinery, electricity and more.
  • The Merom Technological project is intended for 12th grade graduates who are interested in continuing their studies in one of the fields of technology before their military service.
  • The Paim Atidim project is intended for 12th grade students which allows them to complete a practical degree (thirteen + fourteen) and accumulate points for a bachelor’s degree in engineering before military service. At the end of military service, students can return to the college to complete their degree.
  • Merom Yael Program is a unique program for religious girls who are interested in studying and serving in the IDF as part of the technological reserve system.