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Leadership Class 2050

Israeli society faces many challenges in the face of being fragmented and divided, from which the need arises for the training of young leadership who will have the tools to deal with these challenges. The Leadership Class 2050 program provides students with tools for personal empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship. The learning process combines theoretical learning of the fields of knowledge, experience, research, meeting and volunteer activity.

What do students get from the program?

  • Strengthening the student’s sense of self-worth.
  • Establishing and strengthening skills among the students – leading a team, writing work plans, standing in front of an audience, facilitation skills, marketing and visibility.
  • Entrepreneurship course.

What are the benefits to the school from the program?

  • Development of an active student involved in his community.
  • Strengthening the social-community discourse among the school community.
  • Cultivating an optimal educational climate led by classmates.
  • Interface between the program and the various subjects.
  • Enrichment of 4 hours of student leadership development per week.

At a recent Leadership Class 2050 conference, our young leaders were given the task of inventing an initiative, preparing it in such a way that the initiative will be displayed on a stand in a kind of “initiative market”, and then they will have to select a few selected initiatives – and execute them.

After selecting the initiatives to carry out, creating a “chill out” room in the school, developing an entrepreneurship incubator, introducing topics and content relevant to the lives of students within the hours system, etc. – an “advisory market” was opened for the young leaders – to help develop the initiative. Some of them turned to consulting in the field of idea marketing, creating a winning presentation that would recruit more students to the initiative, recruiting partners for initiatives and the like. At the end of the conference – each such group of entrepreneurs had to present its initiative to the plenum, and take responsibility for the

Ofek, a student from Israel Sci Tech Kiryat Motzkin School said, “I was given tools on how to formulate an idea so we could pass it on and implement it in our class and not just dream about it without carrying it out.”