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iSTEAM-Open Valley: Meetup 2019

The iSTEAM program was presented at the recent Open-Velley Meetup to new and veteran school principals of the Sci-Tech school network, who then continued to plan and discuss preparations for its future roll-out in Sci-Tech schools.

The Egg is a Spacecraft

School Entrepreneurs involved in the iSTEAM-OpenValley Project got together and experimented in dropping an egg from height without breaking it… a challenge simulating a spacecraft landing

30 Years On: British Ronson family strengthens its ties with the Sci Tech Israel network 

Well-known British philanthropists, the Ronson family, who have already contributed greatly to Israeli education and even established a number of schools in the 1980s, made a special visit to Israel to announce that in conjunction with Sci Tech  Israel it will set up two innovation centers for sciences, technology and art studies in two schools…

Philippine Educators to Undergo a Unique Educational Innovation Course Developed by Israel Sci-Tech Network

Educators from the city of Davao, The Philippines, are coming to Israel to learn about innovative and interdisciplinary study programmes developed at the Sci-Tech Network's R&D Center

A High-Level Visit from The Philippines in Sci-Tech Aviation & Space, Ma’ale Adumim

During the Philippine President's recent formal visit in Israel, members of his entourage toured the school, as part of the build-up towards implementation of Sci-Tech Network's innovative study programmes in the Philippine city of Davao

OpenValley To iSTEAM

A joint initiative by the Israel Sci-Tech Network and Openvalley LTD commenced with an introductory meeting of school principals involved in the iSTEAM programme

MIT in Sci Tec

Students from MIT, mostly technology and math majors, are giving a workshop on entrepreneurship to Sci Tech Israel students, as part of its ISTEAM Project. 

Sci Tech Ben Gurion in Afula Presents: Innovation

Precision Agriculture – a new subject matter born of collaboration between the school's Science & Engineering Programme and Photography Programme, with support from OSOS Project