iSTEAM-Open Valley: Meetup 2019 - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

An introductory meeting and presentation of candidacy event for the iSTEAM program for the upcoming school year 2019-2020 was recently held at the Moshinsky Center for Research and Development at Singalovsky Campus. Introductory remarks were delivered by Timora Shiri, VP, and Head of Education and Operations Administration; Avi Aviram, Regional Manager of Education and Operation Administration at Sci-Tech; and Yoel Rothschild, VP, and Head of the R&D and Training Administration at Sci-Tech.

Thereafter, a presentation by Michal Giladi and Yair Ben-Horin, leading developers and project managers at the Sci-Tech Center for Research and Development displayed the pedagogic program of the model and a detailed technology program. This was followed by a “plan and prep” workshop with mixed groups of senior and veteran school principals. The participation in the program for the upcoming year will be subject to compliance with threshold conditions and submission of candidacy to the administration of the program that will finalize the list of schools in which it will operate.


The Open Valley iSTEAM program offers schools an innovative, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching framework, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and art. It is a perennial program that can be extended from junior high all the way throughout high school. The program integrates into the existing general, individual, and technological school programs and is aligned with their schedules.

The program includes the following frameworks:

  • Multidisciplinary learning
  • Extensive STEM studies based on the innovative programs developed in the Training Development Center (e.g neuroscience, precision technology, etc.) while learning via the ‘Virtual Campus’ online.
  • The 121 skills, with an emphasis on critical thinking, financial education, time management, advanced computer skills, and collaborative group work.
  • Hands-on skills based on the Makers approach in school environments from material processing to 3D printing and prototyping.
  • Principles and skills of Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning (PBL), while performing a variety of team projects.
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Start-up Culture in cooperation with Open Valley. This activity includes visits to Open Valley complexes, allocation of a mentor – Start-up entrepreneur and more.

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