The Egg is a Spacecraft - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

The collaboration between the Israel Sci-Tech Network’s iSTEAM Project and OpenValley LTD aims to introduce the world of innovation and the start-up scene into Sci-Tech Network’s schools across Israel. Students and teachers involved in the iSTEAM Project arrive at OpenValley’s incubators for entrepreneurs and start-ups, where the students take an active part in the everyday activities of the hi-tech industry, and experience the challenges related to entrepreneurship and innovation leadership. In addition, the students and the teachers are mentored by School Entrepreneurs, who visit their schools once a week to provide them with entrepreneurship tools which are applied to various projects, such as multidisciplinary escape boxes.



At the same time, School entrepreneurs themselves undergo training on the iSTEAM programme. In a recent workshop held in the Ramat-Yishay Entrepreneurship Incubator, the project’s School Entrepreneurs experimented with various ways to drop an egg from height without breaking it… a challenge simulating the landing conditions of a spacecraft.

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