Signature Projects - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

.ORT is a program where students receive training in writing and marketing, upload materials to the OrTov website (articles, videos, photos, etc.), manage the site’s activities, and work to promote the visibility of OrTov activities and program.

MDs for Physics is a program where students in 5-unit level physics units, in the 11th grade, are qualified as young instructors (MDs for Physics) who teach experiential physics classes to middle school students. The project enables meetings of an informal nature between students, through which the profession of physics is shaped as an experiential field, made intriguing and relevant to the students’ lives, thus increasing the number of students who choose to approach the study of 5-unit level of physics in high school.

Peri Ganach is a unique project that allows for the documentation and commemoration of stories, photos and experiences of IDF soldiers killed during their military service. The project is designed to give equal commemoration to all IDF martyrs regardless of the nature of their military service and the way they fell.

Just in Case is a program for teens who are trained as “young coaches” and work with the school’s physical education coordinators to provide self-defense tools to middle school and high school students. The “young coaches” undergo 15 hours of training as part of three intensive days of activity, in which they receive tools for conducting a basic workshop in self-defense. During the year there are three practice sessions in self-defense methods, as part of the school’s physical education classes. These sessions will practice protection against common attack situations, locate vulnerabilities and the ability to use them for self-defense, attacking ahead of time, while giving participants space to share personal feelings and experiences.

Leadership for Nature focuses on rehabilitating green spaces near the school. Groups of students around the country are adopting green areas near the school. As part of the adoption of the areas, the groups are engaged in cultivating, cleaning, reporting failures, repairing paths, displacing invasive species and more in the area itself. As part of its activities, each group conducts training at the school as well as on the site itself for other school students in order to raise awareness of the protection of the environment and the importance of open spaces and their harmonious existence for the living of human beings.

Salta: From growing – to cooking – to a healthy diet is a program which connects students to the land and food we produce from it. The students work in the garden, bring the produce to the kitchen, and prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from which they dine together. At each session, students become familiar with natural, available and inexpensive food products, learn about their growing and caring methods, get to know their nutritional compositions, and prepare a wide variety of cuisines through them. The handmade meal are eaten on a table decorated with matching utensils along with the accompanying staff members, in a way that will allow for open dialogue and the possibility of creating meaningful interpersonal contact between them. The knowledge they acquire in the areas of nutrition, sustainability, and education for cleaning and dining habits, the students pass on to their families, to the other students of the school, and to other members of the community.

Healthy Lifestyle Plan is a program in partnership with the Gartner Institute. A program to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle in the field of nutrition and exercise. The program is delivered at the school both by a student leadership group and by sports teachers and other teachers, who will assimilate relevant arrays in the fields of knowledge. A young leadership group will participate in a nationwide training of students for a healthy lifestyle, and together with the educational staff will formulate an annual program for the delivery of content while combining experiential activities for students and the community. For example: healthy food cooking competition, walking groups that include sports activities.

Because of the Wind is a program in collaboration with the Institute for Zionist Strategy intended for 11th – 12th grade students in preparation for their military service and is a valuable preparation for this by knowing the IDF’s code of values ​​- the spirit of the IDF, the protection of human rights by the IDF and the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it manifests itself during military service.