Build the Future of Israel

The Whole Child Model – Holistic Education

We are building a unique education system from first grade to Matriculation level in five towns, aimed at guiding children and teenagers to be the most that they can be.

This is another massive Israel Sci-Tech-style game changer. Israel Sci-Tech schools had a suggestion for Israel’s Ministry of Education: we could improve the entire education system of five northern cities. The Ministry granted us the authority to do so. A big task, but with our 200-plus schools and colleges, and our one-of-its-kind-internationally Educational Research, Training and Development Unit, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The goal of the Holistic Model is to work on the strengths, talents and interests of each child, and design his/her education around these, with a seamless continuum across all the child’s school years through grade 1 to matriculation.

We know that personal happiness and success depend on a range of functioning areas, from health and family life to social skills and strong self-esteem. When the school team cultivates the child’s strengths and addresses personal or educational needs, the child is free to fly!

‘It’s all about the people!’ said Director-General Zvi Peleg. ‘We are starting in the municipalities of Bet Shean, Maalot-Tarshicha, Yokneam, Wadi Salama and Migdal HaEmek, encompassing:

  • 47 schools and school principals
  • 92 selected educators, guidance counselors and mentors who were identified during the mapping as suitable to manage the model in their schools
  • 841 educators and guidance counselors
  • 14,829 students from grade 1 to 12 who have been assessed individually

Mapping each child

Our teams began with mapping children from first grade up, carefully assessing all areas of each child’s life to determine their specific needs, strengths and interests. It addresses the whole person, it’s holistic.