President Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog and his wife Michal arrived on a tour of the Israel Sci-Tech Arab School of Engineering and Science in Lod as part of their first working visit of the new presidency, which he chose to open in the city of Lod.
The president and his wife Michal talked to students at the school and met with the school’s educational leadership and representatives of the Network’s headquarters. During the visit, the President said: “Lod is the State of Israel and the State of Israel is Lod. If we do not succeed in living together in Lod, we will not succeed in living together in the whole country. This is not a destiny, this is a partnership of destiny. If there is coexistence in Lod, there will be coexistence in Israel. If there are terrible riots in Lod, there will be terrible riots in the State of Israel. “
To learn more about Israel Sci-Tech School’s USAID-funded co-existence work, please visit

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