Shared Society: Connecting Worlds Program - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Development of programs to promote respectful multicultural discourse in Israeli Society. In order to assimilate the values ​​of tolerance and giving and to establish the ties between Jewish and Arab society, the network promotes programs that deal with the issue of living together while creating common platforms of involvement and contribution to the community. The diversity that exists among the student population in the Network is an opportunity to promote equal dialogue and social action that builds partnership and social solidarity between groups.

With recent multi-year multi-million-dollar funding from USAID, the Network has implemented shared society programming in mixed cities throughout Israel. A distinct feature of Israeli society, a mixed city is one where the largest minority group comprises more than 10% of the city’s total population. These programs are designed to bring together Arab and Jewish teens and their communities to engage in trust-building and conflict mitigation initiatives to promote a culture of peace and mutual respect. Programs focus on empowering Jewish and Arab identity while learning to recognize their diversity, and focusing on civic identity by exploring practical options for “shared life”.