62 Cadets Sworn into Army Service at Israel Sci-Tech Afridar School in Ashkelon - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

The swearing-in ceremony for 62 new men and women was recently held at the Israel Sci-Tech Afridar School in Ashkelon. A large number of new entrants to this prestigious track is an achievement of the school. The guests of the exciting event enjoyed a spectacular setting, an exemplary flag parade, precise exercises, choir singing, and an exciting oath ceremony.

The school principal, Deborah Busquila, congratulated the excited cadet students and noted in her remarks the privilege of being a part of the great success of this track. The Mayor of Ashkelon, Tomer Glam, and the Commander of the 21st Brigade, Col. Eran Dahan, congratulated the new members and emphasized the miraculous cooperation that brought the branch to the school to be a sign and role model for all the branches.

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