The Israel Sci-Tech Arad School team takes third place in the national final of the fly for entrepreneurship competition held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy.

“Fly on Entrepreneurship” is a program of the Ministry of Economy to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs and develop innovation. As part of the program, students from local schools participate in a course by the Yaadim Institute, where they are exposed and learn about business entrepreneurship in industry, various models for developing initiatives, exposed to various industries, and how they operate.

Students participate in work teams and learn how to market and promote their initiative, while mentored by professional instructors and mentors. The process culminates in a festive final event, where the initiatives are presented and certificates are distributed to the participants – in the presence of senior officials from the local authority, parents, and other representatives.

This year, the competition was held in the presence of senior officials from the Ministry of Economy and the Minister of Economy, Orna Barbibai, who awarded the Israel Sci-Tech Arad School team with the third-place award. The members of the group: Elia, Oded, Teddy, Shoham, Amir, Emil and their teacher Rinizmo developed a piece of jewelry that can be pressed into a seven-distress chip that transmits a distress signal based on its location. The Mayor of Arad, Nissan Ben Hamo, joined the students and declared the achievement an accomplishment that brings with it urban pride.

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