Sci-Tech Kuseife El-Farouk College - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

On the eve of the new academic year, the Israel Sci-Tech College Network inaugurated a first-of-its-kind Practical Engineering College serving the Bedouin villages in the southern Negev region, addressing the needs of Bedouin high school graduates living in this region. Sci-Tech Kuseife El-Farouk College currently trains students from Kuseife and Tel Sheva towards a qualification as Practical Electrical Engineers.

Dr. Shmaryahu Rozner, Deputy Director-General at Israel Sci-Tech Network and Head of the network’s College Administration, says: “The Israel Sci-Tech Network is proud to open the first college teaching electrical engineering in the Bedouin Diaspora. There is no doubt that graduates of this college would be able to find immediate employment within the Israeli economy, in an interesting and rewarding field. We consider this college as the forerunner for additional colleges we aspire to open in the Bedouin Diaspora, in line with the Israel Sci-Tech Network’s educational agenda aiming to advance the whole of the Israeli society, with all its variety and complexity, in the fields of technology and sciences as well as ethics and morality. The new college has been opened with the support and close cooperation of the Israeli Ministry of Education and the municipal authorities, as well as the school’s principal and staff.”


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