Israel Sci-Tech Schools Director-General, Zvika Peleg, meets with students and teachers at Ramla Schools - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Israel Sci-Tech Schools Schools Director-General Zvi Peleg and network staff members recently visited two schools in Ramle. The visit was accompanied by Ramla’s Director of Education, Noa Ben Yosef, formerly the principal at Sci-Tech Lilienthal in Ramla.

The visit began at Sci-Tech Bistretsky Kiryat HaOmanim, where school principal, Shlomi Golanzer, presented the educational picture of the 557-student school where students study in a variety of majors: engineering science, design arts, ICT, physics, chemistry, biology, film arts, and business management. Later, the guests took a tour of scientific engineering, design, and division facilities. The school’s vision focuses on developing independent learner skills, through multidisciplinary interdisciplinary research, exposure to academia, developing groundbreaking leadership, and adapting instruction to the digital age. The educational staff aims to create an environment that promotes an optimal climate and excellence in personal treatment.

Later, the guests met with students and teachers to discuss the uniqueness and innovation of the school’s approach to educational pedagogy, social and character values, and community development. The school aims to connect students to the Academy and high-tech industry through programs such as Academy high school, a Biomedical Computational program in cooperation with the Weizmann Institute. The school is a “lighthouse” school that encourages values ​​of giving to the community, coexistence and living together through long-term projects in collaboration with OrTov, Keren Avraham, the Ministry of Education, USAID, and the Sci-Tech Arabi Ramla School. The school promotes social-counseling activities that support the student climate, the absorption of new teachers, parent workshops, and positive psychology.

The delegation also visited Sci-Tech Lilienthal School in Ramla, where a unique educational rationale was presented: “The school – an island of certainty.” Sci-Tech Lilienthal joined the Network in 2009. The school has 491 students: 236 boys and 255 girls and the school is characterized by cultural diversity that reflects the face of Israeli society. School Director, Abigail Oz, is in her first year of school management, is focused on recruiting teachers and developing an organizational culture in line with the new post-pandemic reality, improving the data of excellence, and developing innovative pedagogy.

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