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Israel Sci-Tech Schools Celebrate Good Deeds Day

Every March, Good Deeds Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries and also in Israel, in doing good deeds for others and the environment, strengthening community ties and supporting volunteerism and community service.

This year, Israel Sci-Tech School students led a variety of activities at school and in their communities such as: Spreading messages of coexistence and combating violence; Environmental protection actions; Cleaning gardens, and public and private spaces; Spreading messages of love and compassion towards animals; Renovation and painting of public buildings; Collecting products for the needy; Thanks and appreciation to the teaching staff; Preparation of packages for lone soldiers; Cultural activities in nursing homes; Activities for the disabled and so much more.

In the city of Acre, Jewish and Arab schoolchildren took to the city streets to spread messages of partnership, reconciliation, and fraternity. The principals of the high schools in the mixed city, came out with a call to condemn and combat acts of violence. The city’s students, Jews, and Arabs chose to take joint responsibility for the holidays and to engage in the day of good deeds in conveying the message of living together. Together, Jewish and Arab students went out to spread the important message in public spaces, distributed chocolate and the blessings of happy holidays – Passover, Easter, and Ramadan. The students met with Rabbi Yashar, the rabbi of the city, and Sheikh Abbas Zakur for a unifying discourse on living together, the love of your fellow man, and respect for holidays and customs.

In the city of Ramla, Kiryat HaOmanim students met with comprehensive Arab School students at the municipal market and distributed flower pots and chocolate to passers-by. Together they renovated a kindergarten that they decorated with murals. Along the way people were encouraged to do good deeds, helping adults carry shopping bags and conveying messages of partnership and brotherhood. Arab Ramat High School students prepared activities to make the kindergarten children in the city happy, and 11th-grade students cleaned the schoolyard and planted flowers.

The team of the Hair Design Department at Adiv School in Ashkelon mobilized for a hair collection operation to prepare wigs for oncology patients and counted about 70 braids, one of them one meter long.

At Yad Leibowitz in Netanya, they chose to deal with an equally important issue: preserving the environment. 10th graders went out to explain the subject in elementary and middle schools. Other classes cleaned the beaches. Another special venture led by the students is the establishment of a warehouse of Purim accessories and second-hand costumes at the school for the benefit of reuse. This will contribute to the promotion of fair trade, the reduction of the polluting textile and plastic industry, and the preservation of the planet.

Holon students organized a breakfast for the staff. Shlomi Ganun, the director of the campus, even gave all the employees a gift certificate for a couple’s meal, and each employee received a personal greeting from the students. 10th graders gave storytime to kindergarten kids in the city and engaged the toddlers in a variety of fun and joyful activities.

Boim Rogozin student council students and eighth-graders came to the Homeland Club for an exciting activity in honor of Good Deeds Day. Together they wrote recipes for Passover, prepared greetings for grandchildren, and a variety of creative activities. Seventh graders and twelfth graders began the morning by painting the school benches and the Tribes Club of Israel.

In the Danziger Education Campus in Kiryat Shmona, about 1,100 went out around the city, doing good by painting shelters and kindergartens, cleaning, building a greenhouse, building a community garden, concrete paths, and building wooden benches that will be distributed to various centers in the city.

Henry Ronson students in Ashkelon participated in a knitting project, accompanied by seventh graders, went to visit hospitalized teens at Barzilai Hospital to distribute knitted octopuses and greetings to all departments.

Students of the hairstyling and beauty care program from Kiryat Gat Technological School have embarked on an aid operation of hair matching for cancer patients in cooperation with the municipal community police.

At Shapira School in Kfar Saba, three stands were set up in the courtyard: a market for students, teachers, and workers who brought clothes and anyone who wanted to could take them; Donation to the Sexual Assault Victims Assistance Center where everyone who donated received a canvas bag; and the collection of food products and a donation to a local food bank.

At Ramat Yosef in Bat Yam, the students undertook an extensive renovation operation: they painted the entrances to the school and the shelter, cleaning the public space on Operation Sinai Street, participated in painting the shopping center, painted garbage mysteries on Operation Sinai Street, built and painted a street library in the Bat Yam Museum plaza.

At Afridar in Ashkelon, the climax of Good Deeds Week was held in an exciting tribute to the school cleaners, in which all the school students cleaned the classrooms. Eighth-grade students renewed the green wall at the school, went out to activities in kindergarten and fundraised for the Ilan Association. Ninth-grade students painted the walls of the gym and prepared art exhibits to hang on those walls. Additional students went out to schools in the city for activities to prevent animal abuse. The 10th-grade students, together with the 8th-grade students, hosted a free class for sports activities. Grade 11 students began the “Trail of Values” project by painting stones and writing values ​​on the stones in preparation for paving the paths in the school fruit garden.


In Hatzor, a food market was held for the labor of the school’s parents, whose proceeds were used to purchase food packages for the holiday for 16 elderly families who were cut off from the community. In addition, classes went out for cleaning operations in the locality and other classes ran a comic sports day for all the kindergarten students in Hatzor.

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