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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) [our long-term partner] joins forces with Israel Sci-Tech Schools for ‘Take-off day” of brainstorming and development

Promotes youth innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel

LOD, Israel – Israel Sci-Tech Schools collaborated with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) recently for “Take-Off-for-Tomorrow” day at the Israel Sci-Tech-Aerospace Technological High School at Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) campus in Lod, Israel, a program designed to encourage innovation and excellence in technological education in Israel. The nearly 14-hour, day-long program engaged senior engineers from IAI and  dozens of 10th, 11th and 12th grade students selected from 13 schools across the Sci-Tech network.

A month before the “Take-Off-for-Tomorrow Day”, the 6 student teams were presented with real-life challenges.  The students presented their ideas for technological solutions that solve various real-life challenges to the IAI engineers for their comments and feedback.  Throughout the course of the day, the engineers assisted the students in advancing their ideas and creating a work plan in order to produce a prototype for each product.

Our students devised three projects for real-life situations.

At the end of Take-Off Day, three models were created using unique methodology implemented by Israel Sci-Tech Schools for issues that were raised by the students. The first solution was for travelers in hot and dry areas – a system that detects and prevents hypothermia. The second idea was for a smart car that can detect if a drunk driver is at the wheel, responding by locking the car’s engine and sending location coordinates to the drivers’ relatives. The third plan was for a way to limit the range of drones used by paparazzi.

“It was a great pleasure to see the Israel Aerospace Industry partner with the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network for 2016’s Take-Off Day,” said Israel Sci-Tech Schools Director General Zvi Peleg. “Israel Sci-Tech Network’s emphasis on innovation in education reached a pinnacle with the IAI collaboration, reiterating our philosophy that creativity and entrepreneurship skills are not essential but rather survival skills for the 21st century. Our students were inspired and motivated by these specialized engineers, and walked away with tangible plans for issues they care deeply for.”

“The current model of the IAI is the inspiration behind Israel Sci-Tech’s “Take-Off Day,” said Israel Sci-Tech Schools District Manager Iris Harel who initiated the project. “All of our students take an active role in their educational and vocational training, with the guidance of our dedicated faculty of teachers. The opportunity for students to develop a relationship with IAI engineers is critical to their success, and groundbreaking in the field of science and technology.”

Israel Aerospace Industries  is a globally recognized leader in the development and production of systems for the defense and commercial markets. IAI offers unique solutions for a broad spectrum of requirements in space, air, land, sea and cyber. Over the past 60 years IAI delivered, supplied and supported advanced systems for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as well as many demanding customers worldwide.

Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools is a U.S.-based 501-C3 dedicated to supporting the 207 institutions and 100,000 students that represent the largest independent network of science and technology educational institutions in Israel. Today, there are more than 500,000 alumni, many of whom have gone onto become senior leaders in the military, high tech entrepreneurs, as well as some of the top engineers and scientists in Israel.

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