Innovation at work: How the Arts and STEM Come Together at Israel Sci-Tech Psagot Beit Shean - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Students across the Israel Sci-Tech network are part of an innovative curriculum that combines elements of the arts with the traditional STEM education priorities. This program, piloted in Israel by the Israel Sci-Tech network, is called iSTEAM.

This spring, students at one of the pilot schools, Israel Sci-Tech Psagot in Beit Shean, hosted an evening of presentations and the performance of a play they created to involve each of the iSTEAM disciplines.  The evening was attended by parents, local dignitaries, and educational leaders from across Israel.


Uri Deutsch, Principal at Israel Sci-Tech Psagot in Beit Shean said, “Our students are truly unique. We ask our ninth grade, tenth grade, and special education students to collaborate and utilize all of their diverse expertise. The outcome is that students with expertise in computers, cinema, science, creative writing, dance, martial arts, and music all work together.  The outcome is an evening that highlights why the iSTEAM model is so unique.”

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