IN THE NAVY - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

About a dozen sailors from the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet visited the Sci-Tech Maritime High School in Ashdod for some voluntary educational activity. Following this unique visit by the 6th Fleet sailors in the school, the students were invited for a reciprocal visit aboard one of the fleet’s destroyers, moored at the Ashdod Port.

On the occasion of the US Navy’s birthday, students of Sci-Tech Ashdod Maritime High School were invited along with their principal, Ms. Yehudit Levi, to join the US Ambassador in Israel Mr. David Friedman for a visit aboard the USS Ross in the Port of Ashdod.

School Principal Ms. Yehudit Levi: “it was a unique experience to meet the crew of the USS Ross, people who love the sea and strive for peace just like the students of Sci-Tech Ashdod Maritime High School. I would like to thank the US embassy for making it possible, and also Ethan Shiferman. I wish the destroyer’s crew a safe voyage.”


Shabat shalom blessing  from  USS Ross crew and Sci-Tech Maritime High School in Ashdod students

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