Enough is Enough: Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network is launching a national campaign on 12/29/22 calling for an end to the rampant violence coursing through Israel. - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Enough is Enough: Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network is launching a national campaign on 12/29/22 calling for an end to the rampant violence coursing through Israel

The time has come to internalize: the rampant violence on the roads, in hospitals, in Israeli society in all its shades, in the south and in the north, against women and against men, in virtual spaces, and in public spaces – is a problem for all of us. The year 2022 has created a grim reality in which it seems that we are in the midst of a wave of violence and crime that affects the security of the citizens of Israel, and their national and personal resilience.

The Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network, which encourages social activism among the youth as part of taking social responsibility, is launching a national campaign: Stop everything! Talking about violence, the call to action to prevent violence. On 12/29/22, a protest campaign will be launched and on this day all schools will stop their routines and work to prevent violence. There will be dedicated classes, discussion circles, a large discussion and a panel, in which the issue will be presented on its difficult and offensive aspects and proposals and thoughts will be raised on ways to stop it. High school communities set out to sign up students, staff, parents, and opinion leaders to a charter, which will be drafted by the Network’s youth leadership. There will be an activity in the public spaces of the school – a silent protest, works of art, a human chain; Law and enforcement officials will be invited to talk with the students; and an open studio will be established, where students can participate in Zoom in collaboration with the Mako Network

Zvi Peleg, CEO of the Network has appealed to everyone to join the movement: “I see great importance in stopping the routine and in the participation of all school and college communities in the various activities planned for the day and to focus on how to prevent violence in society. This day will be a signpost for us to continue deepening the pedagogical and social processes that take place in our schools in order to significantly reduce the involvement of our students in acts of violence at school and outside of it.”

The campaign joins a series of advocacy moves led by the Network to establish a respectful discourse on social networks and the fight against violence against women in recent years. This day is connected to the Good Word Day events, a national campaign that the Network has been leading for several years.

The OrTov team adapted and published a booklet of programs and activities adapted to today’s events. The manifestations of violence, which have erupted in various places (roads, medical services, places of recreation, schools, etc.) in the recent period, and shocked the sense of security of all of us, caused the Network to announce an ongoing process of condemning violence, taking responsibility and creating a different reality in schools and in the community. The activity will begin on 12/29 with a variety of content and activities, which will take place in all the schools of the Network. In addition to activities in the field, senior education teams in the network mobilized to lead an open dialogue with high school students in the network about violence prevention and solutions, strengths, and empowerment.

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