A Local Initiative Goes National - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

An all-female group of 11th-grade students from Sci-Tech Rabin, Gan Yavne Hadar Cohen, Gili Lapid, Maya Frenkel, Lior Zanetti, and Shaked Rodshtein – were invited to present an initiative they had developed, called A License for a Smartphone, in front of senior officials from the Child Online Protection Bureau at the Israeli Ministry of Public Security. The students developed their initiative in the framework of the Israel Sci-Tech Network’s “web rangers” Programme, led by Ortov and Google Israel, and had been awarded the first prize in the 2018 National Contest of Screen Savers’ Initiatives.

The top-ranking forum members were thrilled by the idea presented to them, and expressed willingness and commitment towards developing the local initiative on a national scale. The meeting was attended by some 20 senior officials led by Commander Meir Ohayon, Head of the National Child Online Protection Bureau, and also by Noa Elefant-Loffler, Senior Policy Manager at Google Israel. The students from Sci-Tech Rabin were asked many questions about their project, the idea’s conception, possible further developments, and so on, and the young entrepreneurs impressed their audience with their professional presentation, their modest self-confidence in presenting it, and the answers they provided.

In his concluding statement, Commander Meir Ohayon said: “I was fascinated by this idea… I promised to get it up and running, and I’m still committed to it. It’s an incredible idea.”

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