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Charter of rights and obligations for Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network websites

This is the charter of rights and obligations applicable to activities and use of this website. Please read it carefully since it obligates not only Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network, but you, too.

Through this and its other websites, Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network promotes an internet culture of knowledge sharing that enables learning, teaching, experience, and individual/group expression in an educational setting. Nevertheless, like in the offline world, free expression on the internet also has its limitations and this website operates under strict adherence to the spirit of tolerance and respect for people’s dignity, good name, privacy and property. 

This charter of rights and obligations applies to you whoever you may be – a student, a teacher or anyone else using the website in any way. It defines the accepted permitted rules regarding your interaction with the website.

Basic rules

  1. You must treat the contents published by website users with care and appropriate criticism. The content on the web, including on this site, is not a substitute for your own examination and the advice of experts and professionals. The web contents are published by users and others and Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network cannot guarantee their validity or accuracy.
  2. You must think carefully and act wisely before publishing content on the website. The content you upload might be open to other users of the site. One must be specially smart and careful about giving out personal information (such as an address or a phone number).You should be at least as careful about such details and about responding to people who contact you as you are when making contact offline.
  3. You are liable for the content you choose to upload. So think before you act. It is better to make sure the content is not offensive to others or in violation of any laws before you put it up on the website.
  4. Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network has the right to delete content from the website or block access to it if the content does not meet with any one of the rules delineated in this charter of rights and obligations. In order to enable civilized and relevant discourse and to prevent abuse of the website’s options for self-expression, Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network has the right to check the contents even before they are published. Such checks will only be carried out in order to try to prevent content that is inflammatory, threatening, vulgar or blatantly illegal, or to prevent publication of content that is irrelevant or interferes with a particular forum discussion or any other activity on the website.
  5. Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network has the right to suspend your activity on the website. Violation of your obligations as stated in this charter may lead to the revoking of your permission to revisit the website and use it or parts of it.

Space for self-expression on the website
Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network encourages you to actively participate on the website and share your knowledge with the website’s other users. In order to protect your rights as well as the rights of the others users, here are the “ten commandments” of publishing information on the site:

  1. Decency and tolerance. You must treat other website users with decency and tolerance, just as they are expected to treat you. The content you upload must reflect these qualities.
  2. Sensitivity. You must be sensitive to the feelings of others and take care to maintain the good name and dignity of others and avoid offensive, hurtful or insulting language.
  3. Good taste. Pornographic content, images of atrocities as well as hostile or vulgar content disrupt civilized, relevant discourse on the web. Refrain from uploading any such content.
  4. Privacy. You must leave other users alone and refrain from harassing them and be sure not to publish other people’s identifying or confidential details (such as passwords) without their permission and consent.
  5. Opinions about someone. Expressing an opinion on the web is most welcome; however, it is forbidden to express an opinion that is racist, prejudiced or takes any form that is discriminatory in any way on the basis of race, origin, skin color, ethnic community, nationality, religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, belief, political views or socio-economic status.
  6. Copyright. It must be assumed that any content (text, photos, graphic files, forum messages, email messages, music files, clips, videos, programming code etc.) is protected by copyright. If you did not create the content, one must assume that someone else owns the copyright to it. These rights should be respected and these creations should not be used without appropriate permission. If there is  any doubt about the use of certain material, and in order to avoid the possibility of violating copyrights or of   legal action, such material must not be uploaded to the website.
  7. Use that is personal and educational, not commercial. Use of the website is permitted for personal, educational teaching and learning purposes, and in general for the purposes connected to Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network activities. The website or any of its content may not be used for any other activity including any kind of commercial activity. The internet is full of websites and services that enable advertising and offering products or services for sale. This website is not one of them!
  8. Spreading viruses. Refrain from spreading computer viruses, spyware, malware, other hostile software such as Trojan horses and other harmful applications. Protective software (antivirus etc.) should be used to prevent damage to the computers of other users or to the website.
  9. Breaking the law. Refrain from uploading to the website any content that in and of itself or the very fact of its publication breaks a law (e.g. revealing the identity of a person in contravention of a court-ordered gag order) or encourages the commission of a criminal offence, or that might constitute the basis for a civil suit or liability.
  10. Deception. Refrain from knowingly publishing any distorted or untrue content, with the intention of misleading others.

Registration and password
Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network may at some time ask you to provide personal details as part of the process of either emailing us or registering on the website. You must only provide correct and accurate information. Incorrect information might prevent your use of the website and if necessary block making contact with you. 

Information you provide will be kept in the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network database. There is no obligation by law to provide your details; however, not doing so might block your ability to use the website or its activities. Keep your username and password for the website confidential in order to prevent their misuse. Make sure to change your password from time to time.

Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network’s rights to the website
Rights to the website, its services and activities, its design, applications and programs and all its contents (except for content uploaded by you and the other website users) belong to Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network or to a third party that has permitted Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network to use it. These rights may be used in the ways explicitly mentioned in this charter of rights and obligations. These rights may not be used in any other way or by any other means without explicit prior written consent from Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network or the owners of the other rights, as relevant. This instruction is valid also with regard to any derivative work such as manipulation, editing and translation carried out by Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network on content you uploaded to the website. Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network does not claim ownership on the content you uploaded to the website. However, publishing material on the website implies your global, time unlimited, unremunerated permission to Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network to use the contents in the framework of its activities on the internet and offline.

Changes to the charter of rights and obligations
The dynamic nature of the internet, technological advancements and policy changes as instructed by the Ministry of Education and others mean that this Charter of Rights and Obligations may be updated from time to time. Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network will publish a clear announcement of any changes and the date on which they will go into effect.

Contact us
Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network respects your rights. If you think your rights on the website have been infringed upon by Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network or by any website user, please contact Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network using the information below and we will try to handle your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Contact Dr. Shai Lewinsohn

The charter was developed at the Moshinsky Center for R&D at the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network Administration for R&D and Training.