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Students Win Competition by Promoting Tolerance and Sharing

Bridges for Peace - Israel Sci-Tech Schools partner with the Peres Center for Peace and Google

2018 Meeting of Bridges for Peace Coordinators

This year the programme comprises 12 Arab and Jewish schools committed to strive for better discourse and moral values in Israeli society

We Come in Peace

A peak event for the Bridges for Peace programme, promoting shared life among Jewish and Arab schools.

Bridges To Peace

Students from Sci Tech Rehovot met with students from Sci Tech Ramla Arab Comprehensive High School, as part of an activity designed to pave the way for communication and multicultural discourse between Jews and Arabs.

Shimon Peres Hangsout with Israel Sci-Tech Students

A teenage girl, her head covered in traditional Bedouin scarf, leans into the computer screen where she sees her new friends and, speaking Hebrew, says into her microphone, “Hi, my name is Miriam and I’m from the village of Um Batin in the Negev. Nice to meet you all.” Miriam was one of a group...

We use online technology to deliver content and instruction

Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network has unique capabilities due to the combination of our in-house Moshinsky Training, R&D Unit and our large network of schools. This allows us to develop advanced educational solutions in which theory and practice go hand-in-hand, and to examine their efficiency and feasibility, creating a continuous circle of improvement. Israel Sci-Tech Schools’...

Shimon Peres Praises Google – Israel Sci-Tech’s ‘Bridges for Peace’ Program

I’m excited to share that Israeli leaders have praised our multi-cultural bridging initiative. Mr. Peres and Minister Danny Danon praised Israel Sci-Tech’s program “Bridges for Peace,” an initiative sponsored by partners Google and The Shimon Peres Center for Peace, in an attempt to promote peace and open dialogue between our Jewish and Arab students. Since...