Students in the Life Preparation program at Sci-Tech Marom Acre give the school a new look through Graffiti - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Preparing for Life (Strengths, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Skills) is a program that helps students plan for their future and integration into the dynamic labor market. The program is designed to develop an independent person capable of planning their future and focusing on their aspirations, which requires the development of self-awareness, belief in “I” and future worldview. During the program, each student takes part in a community project in which they share with the community the key messages they learned in the program. The students of the program at Sci-Tech Marom Acre, chose to give the school a new look and covered the school cafeteria walls and the school’s entrance with graffiti paintings and inspirational quotes. Yael, Barak Malama, the program director, shared: “The students were very excited to take part in the activity, collaborated beautifully, and enjoyed seeing the charming results.”

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