Israel Sci-Tech Braude College in Karmiel Launches “Together For Success”, a Program To Promote Arab Students, with Support from the Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Israel Sci-Tech Braude College is one of the leading colleges in the percentage of diplomas granted. At the same time, there is a dropout and non-diploma problem in a number of trends, which prevents a further increase in the percentage of comprehensive diplomas. In order to reduce the dropout rate, increase the percentage of diplomas and improve the chances of placement of students from the Arab population, about 140 students in the first year and 140 in the second year were selected for this special program.

The rationale of the program is built on two main components – reducing the initial gaps with which students come and working on strengthening success during their studies by strengthening internal motivation and taking responsibility. The program includes stages of locating and identifying difficulties based on questionnaires handed out to students, and during the course of study intensive treatment of students who have been found to have a high dropout potential.

The components of the intervention include a Hebrew course, academic reinforcement, support with the help of individual guidance on non-academic issues such as strengthening life skills, working with the faculty on pedagogy, cultural competence, and more. The program is accompanied by a design evaluation model from the Nas company. As part of the accompaniment, a logical model was built according to which the plan operates, and the specific contribution of the various components of the plan is examined. Feedback is given in real-time to identify successes, barriers, inhibiting factors, and suggestions for adjustments and improvements required in the program.

The program includes questionnaires, discussion of focus groups, and follow-up of results. This causes the plan to be changed and updated during operation. In order to increase the chances of placement in the second semester of the second year, the intention is to conduct workshops in the field of writing a resume, a job interview, a LinkedIn profile, conducting oneself as a new employee, and more.

In addition, as part of the curriculum, students in three different groups will take dedicated courses in the style of boot camps, which will include projects with mentors from high-tech companies in the area, which will significantly increase the chances of placement. A representative of the Employment Bureau, will also staff a position at the college in support of student placement.

Building and succeeding in an action model that helps advance Arab students to a practical training degree is the first of its kind and we hope to expand it to the other classes as well as produce a proven and replicable model for additional colleges in the Network.

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