9 Alumni of Israel Sci-Tech Maalot Tarshicha Comprehensive School Earn Their Medical Degrees - Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools

Nine graduates of Israel Sci-Tech Maalot Tarshicha Comprehensive School are officially new doctors. Razan Riad Mahol, Johanna Khoury, Madad Nachol Fadi Dakar, Majid Jisr Nasser, Shadi Kabalawi, Ali Musa Vmamon, and Sveetat Varoni Morani, completed their medical studies and completed the government test held this month. After receiving their Ph.D. Degrees, receiving the final results, and obtaining the approval of the exam committee, the final scores are published on the medical association’s website. These 9 graduates are now licensed to practice general medicine in Israel.

Randa Agha, school principal is effusive: “Congratulations to the new doctors – graduates of the Israel Sci-Tech Maalot Tarshicha Comprehensive School! I am proud, happy, and excited to congratulate the 9 graduates who were recently certified as doctors after successfully completing the government test. Our graduates represent the values of excellence and giving of the school and the ort network and the values of the Tarshicha community. We wish the new doctors good luck in their new way!”

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