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Nasa and Intel International Awards for Israel Sci-Tech students

Students win world’s largest science competition for youth at Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

Preventing tanker oil spills, turning plastic into paper and robotics-driven cars for disabled children – Israel’s accomplishments in science and technology continue to amaze us all.

The least expected part of the story is that these life-changing inventions come from our very own students. Here are just a few of their incredible projects.

NASA hosts our winning teens who turn plastic into paper

Modiin Sci-Tech School team says ‘Plaper is patent-worthy’

Aptly self-named The Plastic Paper Revolution Group, our team presented their invention, Plaper, at The Conrad Foundation’s 7th Annual Spirit of Innovation Challenge to high school students around the world. The Foundation’s goal is to ignite teens to apply their genius to create futuristic commercially viable products and services to benefit humanity.

Competitors were required to generate new products that will solve one or more of the major problems of mankind in these categories, aerospace, energy, environment, security and cyber technology, health and nutrition.

Is a patent on the horizon?

“Sure,” says team member Omri Yahalom. “One of our team mates is already dreaming of us being on the Israeli Stock Exchange! We still need to make improvements to Plaper, like it must be thinner.

‘Only during the writing process did we realize that this could change the world for the better. I believe it will deeply change me.’

A remarkable blend of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills with teamwork and entrepreneurial skills – indeed magic.

Watch their dramatic invention process. At the end of the video they shout out, Huston – we have Plaper!

Psagot Sci-Tech School – Students’ invention for oil spill detection and prevention. Now their system will be installed on every oil tanker!

Their promising solution to oil tanker spills has already captured world attention. Brainchild of three students from Psagot Sci-Tech College of Engineering Science, this innovation stands to dramatically reduce the severe ecological damage and detects small oil leakages before they become enormous, with all the costs that can result.

Competing against 1,500 peers from 60 countries: ORT Psagot’s student team invented a device to prevent and contain oil spills from tankers.A promising solution to oil tanker spills has already captured world attention, brainchild of three ORT Psagot college Engineering Science students. Their innovation stands to dramatically reduce the severe ecological damage and the enormous costs that can result.

VP of Intel in Israel, Mooly Eden, with our students, Avi Duvovski, Roi Shafran and Tamer Chamud (above) competed against 1,500 peers from 60 countries.  They shared first prize with another team at the Intel-Israel Young Scientists International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) competition in an exciting ceremony at the Knesset.

Their system will be installed on every tanker.