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Morashot (Arab Heritage)

It is only when we are truly connected to our own rich histories and traditions that we canbegin to understand and accept others. This is the underlying belief behind the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network’s unique Heritage (Morashot) program.

 The Morashot Project, developed for and implemented in the network’s Arab schools (Arab, Druze and Bedouin), aims to strengthen Arab identity and culture by using creative methodologies and innovative technologies.

 A unique, bilingual website promoting the Morashot Project has been developed by the network’s Department for R&D and Training. The site features content designed and created by teachers from participating Arab schools, that both enriches the study experience and promotes the program’s uniqueness to the wider public.



“The Israel Sci-Tech School Network excels in responding to the diverse scholastic needs and abilities of its students.”

Rames Jarisi
Mayor, Nazareth City